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pomposity nectar sage mint rosemary hair volumizer maison8puro
100 ml

Pomposity Nectar

My name is Nectar and I am the first child of the Pomposity family. I'm a multi-functional styling product: when hair is not clean I refresh the style and give the feeling of freshly washed hair. If you use me before drying your hair I give volume and texture. If you apply me after drying I give a feeling of lightness and invisible support.
pomposity plumage anti-frizz hair leave-in maison8puro
200 ml

Pomposity Plumage

Hi, my name is Plumage and I am part of the Pomposity family. I'm an all in one leave-in cream that nourishes, restructures, defines and gives wonderful shine to both curly and straight hair. The Hydrolyzed Proteins I contain work in synergy with plant-based oils to strengthen and condition hair. My formula is enriched with a blend of Bio-certified extracts that moisturize and brighten hair while enhancing its natural color. I will nourish curly hair giving soft definition and help protect straight hair by fighting frizz.
rigenerante damaged dry hair shampoo maison8puro
250 ml

Rigenerante Shampoo

Regenerating is a shampoo for dry and damaged hair enriched with spirulina algae and natural plant extracts of centella asiatica and hay, selected for their restructuring and fortifying power. It acts effectively while fully respecting the sensitivity of the scalp and pampers your hair without weighing it down or attacking it thanks to a formula free of mineral oils, sulfates, silicones and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). Its secret is the combination of corn, soy and wheat phytokeratins that penetrate the hair working in synergy and repairing the most damaged parts, inside and out.
rigenerante damaged dry hair conditioner maison8puro
250 ml

Rigenerante Conditioner

Rigenerante Conditioner is a conditioner for dry and damaged hair with restructuring and protective action. Its nourishing and deeply moisturizing formula gives volume, shine and softness, rebuilds internally and makes the hair immediately untangled and easy to comb. The secret of our conditioner is a unique combination of natural oils and butters, such as argan oil and mango butter, combined with hydrolyzed proteins and natural plant extracts of spiruline algae, gotu kola and hay, for an effective and gentle capillary regeneration while fully respecting the sensitivity of the scalp. Rigenerante Conditioner is free of mineral oils, sulfates, silicones and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate).
rigenerante damaged dry hair restructuring treatment maison8puroo
200 ml

Rigenerante Treatment

Intensive restructuring treatment for dry, brittle and damaged hair, formulated without silicones and enriched with natural plant extracts and a carefully selected combination of natural butters and oils with exceptional moisturizing and nourishing properties. The action of phytokeratin of soy, corn and wheat is supported by rice proteins, to penetrate into the heart of the hair rebuilding it internally and closing the cuticles. It protects the hair from environmental stresses and gives shine and detangling facilitating drying and styling. A moisturizing and conditioning complex creates a protective film on the hair that helps to effectively fight frizz. Restructuring is completed by the action of shea butter, macadamia and avocado oil: they nourish, soften and shine the hair, which regains vigor and body application after application.
turmeric amla shampoo universale maison8puro
250 ml

Universale Shampoo

The shampoo for daily use Universale is ideal for the cleansing of any type of hair. The formulation, free of parabens, mineral oils and SLES, has as its protagonists two natural active ingredients that give the hair shine, vitality and docility to the comb: the extract of Turmeric and Amla. The delicate and never excessive foam is synonymous with sweet and balanced surfactants that develop maximum washing power in absolute respect of skin and hair. The turmeric and amla shampoo revitalizes the hair, giving softness, shine and volume.
turmeric amla hair conditioner universale maison8puro
1000 ml
250 ml

Universale Conditioner

Our conditioner based on amla, turmeric and jojoba oil detangles and deeply nourishes all hair types and from the first application makes them soft and easy to comb. The nourishing and shining action of Amla, combined with the revitalizing and antioxidant action of Turmeric, is completed by the moisturizing power of Jojoba oil. Use the Universal conditioner whenever you want: it is suitable for daily use and is effective on all types of hair. For light, protected and perfectly moisturized hair.
universale turmeric amla argan damaged hair treatment maison8puro
200 ml
500 ml

Universale Treatment


Specific treatment to restructure the fiber of dry hair, stressed by chemical treatments and weakened in its keratin structure. It does not contain parabens, mineral oils and SLES: Its balanced formula, rich in emollients and plant extracts restores the correct hydration of the hair while protecting it from future external aggressions. In addition to the revitalizing effect of Turmeric and the invigorating effect of Amla, there is the restorative power of Argan Oil and the moisturizing Long-Lasting action of the innovative complex of slow-release active ingredients. The benefits are visible and tangible: hydration continues long after application.

universale infusion amla turmeric hair restructuring treatment maison8puro
200 ml

Universale Infusion

Restructuring rich in highly functional and researched ingredients that give new life to fragile, stressed and lifeless hair. Organic extracts work in synergy with two complexes to hydrate, regenerate and protect hair fiber. Enriched with natural extracts of Turmeric and Amla to deeply restructure hair, making it incredibly strong and healthy. Contains no SLES, parabens or mineral oils. Try it on freshly washed hair to provide hydration and protection along with light support or on dry hair to illuminate and enhance the natural movement of your hair.
universale elixir amla turmeric hair restructuring intensive treatment maison8puro
100 ml

Universale Elixir

Intense treatment that instantly gives the nourishing and revitalizing power of turmeric and the invigorating action of Indian amla to any type of hair. Ideal for daily use, it can be applied both before and after drying: it is effective on wet or dry hair. In addition to giving an immediate conditioning effect, it gives exceptional shine and makes the hair easier to comb. Our Restructuring Concentrate is great for stressed, dull, dull hair. It nourishes intensely, preventing split ends and providing additional protection: it defends hair against dryness, dehydration, frizz and the consequences of the sun. Ideal for everyday use.

On wet hair: after MAISON8PURO Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment, apply on the lengths, then dry. On dry hair: apply to give protection and shine. For external use, avoid contact with the eyes.


Turmeric, Amla, Sunflower Oil, Green Tea (Camelia Sinensis)


SLES, Mineral Oils