Shampoo Rigenerante

Delicate shampoo suitable for dry and damaged hair, combined with Corn, Soy and Wheat phytocheratine that penetrate the hair, working in synergy and reparing the most damaged parts. Enriched with Spirulina Algae and natural vegetable extracts of Gotu Kola and Hay helps to restructure and fortify the hair while respecting the sensitivity of the scalp. It contains active ingredients that moisturize favoring the realignment of the cuticles, counteracting dehydration and giving greater freedom to the hair. Use after use, the hair regains elasticity, softness and a brighter and healthier appearance.

Instructions for use

Apply on scalp and wet hair, massage thoroughly. Leave on for 3 minutes so that the active ingredients within the formula contact the skin and hair more effectively. Rinse thoroughly. Proceed with the application of the MAISON8PURO Conditioner or Treatment.
For external use, avoid contact with the eyes.


Spirulina Algae, Gotu Kola, Hay Extract, Biodegradable Conditioner, Phytocheratin.

Does not contain

Parabens, Sles, Mineral Oils, Sulfates, Silicones.


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