Infusion Universale

Restructuring infusion, rich in highly functional and sought-after ingredients to give new life to fragile, stressed and lifeless hair.  Organic extracts work together with two complexes to hydrate, regenerate and protect the hair fibres. Enriched with natural Turmeric and Amla extracts to strengthen the hair, making it incredibly strong and healthy.

Instructions for use

On damp hair: after using Shampoo, Conditioner or the MAISON8PURO Treatment, spray the infusion onto the hair for protection, hydration and light hold. Dry as desired.
On dry hair: spray the infusion onto the hair for hydration, shine and to enhance the hair’s natural movement.


Turmeric Extract, Amla Extract, Prolonged release hydration complex, Keratin complex with hydrolysed corn, soy and wheat proteins, Bamboo Extract, Organic Ginseng Extract

Does not contain

Parabens, SLES, Mineral Oils


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